Neutering Operation Prices

It would be easy to gain the impression that surgery to neuter your pet is ‘routine’, but however regularly we might perform the procedures we never take such surgery lightly.

Routine neutering operations tend to be performed as day surgery.  On admission your pet will be given a pre-medicant which will calm them while they wait for their ‘op’.  Anaesthesia is induced by an intravenous injection and is then maintained by ‘gas’ - one of our qualified veterinary nurses will monitoring your pet throughout its operation.  After completion of surgery your pet will be kept under close observation in our recovery area; only once fully recovered are they are moved back to our kennels from where you will collect them at the end of the day.  The costs detailed below include both anaesthesia and surgery, dissolvable internal sutures, post operative painkillers, a post operative check with a nurse after 3 days, final skin suture removal after 10 days, and the dreaded VAT.    Pre-operative blood testing  is available as an ‘extra’ to check the function of a pet’s kidneys prior to an anaesthetic, and for those pets without identification it is an excellent time for a microchip to be painlessly inserted!

Charitable support can reduce these costs.  For dog owners of certain breeds and in receipt of eligible benefits support from the Dogs Trust can reduce the cost of dog neutering to £30 (£35 from March 2016) while a voucher from Cats Protection can cut the bill for cat neutering by £25 - £40.  

Phone our reception for full details of these schemes.


All patients must be dropped off for surgery by persons 16 years of age or older in order that they may complete the relevant consent forms.  Similarly collection must be made by persons 16 years of age or older to receive all necessary post-operative instructions.

Full payment for work done must be made before the animal is taken home.

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